About Us

Evil Inc. is a brand new project, started with the aim of making awesome clothing, lovely plushies, and strange dollies.

Right now, Evil Inc. is formed by us, Morgan and Riki. We are a couple living on Bilbao, and we make everything (or almost everything!) by hand.

Morgan sculpts, paints, sews and designs most of our products, while Riki is in charge of making the molds, casting, and helping around.

I, Morgan, have been around the BJDs for three years now. I'm SweetieF on the forums, on flickr and deviantart. I started sculpting very recently, and couldn't stop after that. I also love customizing BJDs and other dollies, sewing, photography, and all things tacky! My personal blog is lustfullyunsatisfied.blogspot.com, if you're curious.

Riki, my partner in crime, was dragged into all of this mess by me, and helps me with all the technical and boring stuff, also cooks when I don't have the time and makes sure I eat from time to time when I'm working.