martes, 21 de agosto de 2012

OPEN Preorder - Fausto&Melibea


Finally, I'm taking orders for Fausto and Melibea! 

This heads will be offered in two colors, Piggy Pink and Pure White. The heads will be home-casted by me :) You can expect them to be sent around the first or second weeks of September (hopefully!), but please allow up to a month after the order date before you worry.

The prices are 90€ for Fausto and 80€ for Melibea, excluding shipping charges, but the first 5 heads have a discount! The first 5 Fausto heads will cost 80€, and the first 5 Melibea heads will be 70 :) 

The payment will be made in two parts: First, 20€ as a signal, and when your head is made, you'll pay the rest of the price (70 or 60, depending on the head you ordered), plus the shipping charges. When you pay the second part of the head, I'll send him/her to you :)

Custom Faceup is avaliable for an extra, 15€. Allow another two weeks if you asked for a faceup before your head is ready to go :) 

Here you've got a small FAQ

I'll take orders by e-mail at :) There is no closing date for the preorder, but if I see myself overwhelmed by orders, I may close it for a while, and when I clear the list, open it again. These won't be limited heads!


Por fin! Preorder abierto para estos dos ;)

Estas cabezas van a estar disponibles en dos colores, Piggy Pink y Pure White. Las cabezas serán casteadas de manera artesanal por mí :) Podéis esperar el envío de las mismas alrededor de las dos primeras semanas de Septiembre (con un poco de suerte!), pero por favor, esperad treinta días antes de preocuparos por el pedido.

Los precios son 90€ por Fausto y 80€ por Melibea, gastos de envío a parte, ¡pero las primeras 5 cabezas tienen descuento! Los 5 primeros Faustos costarán 80€, y las primeras 5 Melibeas, costarán 70€!

El pago se hará en dos veces: Primero, 20€ de señal, y cuando la cabeza esté hecha, pagaréis el resto del precio (70 o 60 dependiendo de la cabeza elegida) más los gastos de envío. Cuando paguéis la segunda parte de la cabeza, se os enviará :)

Ofrezco maquillaje personalizado por 15€ extra. Por favor, enteded que esto puede retrasar el pedido hasta dos semanas más :)

Aquí tenéis un pequeño FAQ

Aceptaré pedidos por e-mail ( :) No hay fecha de cierre ni límite de cabezas para este preorder, pero si me veo agobiada con el número de cabezas, puede que lo cierre temporalmente, y cuando haya acabado con los pedidos pendientes, lo volveré a abrir. Estas cabezas no serán limitadas :D

sábado, 10 de marzo de 2012

The Invasion of the Plushimals

They're finally here! And they come with terrible, horrible intentions, like making you fall in love with them and bashing your head off with cuteness!

We have 25 Plushimals, each of them different from the others. They're made of felt, acrylic paints, soft pastels and tons of evil love! With lovely painted faces, and our hand-painted logo on their backs, wouldn't you want them to invade your heart? Here they are!

They sell at 3,5€/each, and you can order them just by leaving a comment in this entry, or contacting us in some other places, like flickr or BJD forums. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Update: We have added some of our Plushimals to our Etsy Shop, be sure to check them out! ;D