sábado, 10 de marzo de 2012

The Invasion of the Plushimals

They're finally here! And they come with terrible, horrible intentions, like making you fall in love with them and bashing your head off with cuteness!

We have 25 Plushimals, each of them different from the others. They're made of felt, acrylic paints, soft pastels and tons of evil love! With lovely painted faces, and our hand-painted logo on their backs, wouldn't you want them to invade your heart? Here they are!

They sell at 3,5€/each, and you can order them just by leaving a comment in this entry, or contacting us in some other places, like flickr or BJD forums. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Update: We have added some of our Plushimals to our Etsy Shop, be sure to check them out! ;D